Finished Print & Pricing

Quality & Specifications

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To ensure quality and tactile sensation, all my prints are manufactured and touched up by hand in my own studio, resulting in unique, museum quality, limited edition art work on selected fine art papers.


Print sizes vary between 20 x 30 cm up to 110 cm x 300 cm - adjustments are possible for most prints according to your needs. In addition to my prints, most of my collections are also available in book or gallery box format, making for beautiful coffee table objects, or gifts.


To find the best framing solution for your print, I work with various framing specialists offering both, ready-made and custom frames in a variety of colors and looks.


Depending on size, material, and edition, my prices range between CHF 85 - CHF 1500 for unframed prints, CHF 475 - CHF 4000 for framed prints, and CHF 2500 - CHF 7000 for custom work. Orders and requests may be placed directly at my studio in Thalwil/ CH, or by phone/ e-mail. (Opening hours:


Most small print formats are readily available at the studio - all other orders are usually ready to be picked up within 1-8 days. (For delivery or mailing, conditions will be offered according to your needs.)


For orders above CHF 750 shipping is free, world wide.


Custom solutions, gift certificates & gift wrapping, and in-home-consultations are further part of my service - please be in touch to find out more! (Contact: